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Velocity Training

Velocity Training

is an industry leader in community based training and certification, and industry recognized, online safety certification.

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Who We Are

Velocity Training, Inc. is made up of many different valuable team members working in diverse geographic areas across the globe. From coast to coast, our team is involved in the management of many different industry related projects and training.


Velocity Training owners Shawn and Barbara Bonnough take a hands-on approach to business operations, and can be reached by cel phone to address any concerns that may arise.

  • Barbara

    Barbara – Administration & Event Management

  • Shawn

    Shawn – Business Development & Lead Trainer


What We Do

Velocity Training specializes in industry training from online safety training courses, heavy equipment operator certification, forestry related training, and curriculum licensing. We are proud to be Canada’s leader in HEO training, certification, and industry training solutions. Velocity helps companies and job sites in their quest to deliver high-quality training and find qualified job candidates. At the same time, we also work directly with individuals to help them achieve the career skills and knowledge they need to be successful.

Velocity Training can deliver…

  • Government certified HEO training
  • Aboriginal Remote Training programs to Indigenous people groups everywhere
  • Experienced, engaging facilitators and trainers
  • Proven curriculum content and delivery methods
  • One-on-one personal and business coaching
  • Event management and logistics for all Velocity-related projects
  • Capacity-building “train the trainer” programs

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