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Choose from 500+ online industrial and safety courses, including COVID-19 training for the workplace

Online Safety & Training

Ready to boost your resume and make
yourself an attractive candidate for any
job site? Start here.


Train your trainers to be more effective
at passing on knowledge through our
Facilitators Advanced Skills Training (FAST).

Turnkey Curriculum

Need to teach a course or get your
team trained, but don’t know where to start?
Velocity is an industry leading curriculum
licensing solution.

Access Higher Paying Jobs

Our industry recognized safety and skills training courses will ensure you have the relevant certifications and knowledge for your next career move.

3 ways to improve your career’s velocity

  • Online Safety & Training Courses
  • CEO: Certification of Experienced Operators
  • Turnkey Curriculum Licensing


Velocity Training is Canada’s industry leader in online industrial safety training and career development. For over 10 years, we’ve been working hard to develop partnerships and contacts throughout Canada in order to facilitate training and employment for communities at home and abroad.

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  • I was incredibly impressed by Velocity’s approach to training… the Velocity team team displayed genuine interest in helping us accomplish our individual goals. Overall the experience was edifying as well as a lot of fun.

  • I would highly recommend this program to anybody and to all people. It doesn’t matter what industry you work in…if you want to succeed as a company, an organization, a collective body, absolutely I would recommend the course.

    − Glen Coady, FAST Program Graduate
  • This is the first time in history that our native people will train their own people in their own language. It will be awesome.

    − Robert (Bobby) Simpson, FAST Program Graduate
  • The team building and group dynamics- I’ve heard lots about it, and taken some courses that just touched on it, but this delved into it to a point that I understand it… I have never had it laid out in a format that just clicked for me, like it did here.

    − Tim Dolan, FAST Program Graduate