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If you plan on working at a job site that might bring you into contact with Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S), it’s critical that you get your H2S certification card to show employers that you can safely and responsibly manage exposure to this dangerous gas. Whether you’re looking to boost your resume for future employment or your current job requires H2S safety certification, our convenient and fun 120-minute online course is a must. Ready to get started? Read more for H2S alive training course details!

What Is Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S)?

H2S, or Hydrogen Sulfide, is a colorless, flammable, and extremely hazardous gas that is found in crude petroleum and natural gas. It’s often present on job sites, which means that it’s critically important that all workers who might come into contact with this gas thoroughly understand H2S safety procedures.

H2S easily collects in low-lying or badly ventilated areas, resulting in a very dangerous situation that isn’t immediately apparent. When H2S combines with air and meets a flame, the results can be literally explosive. This is why the International Competency Assessment Board (I-CAB) has such strict requirements for H2S safety certification. Velocity Training’s H2S course is fully I-CAB compliant.

How Do I Get My H2S Certificate of Completion?

Ready to get your H2S certification card in Alberta or any other province for an upcoming job? Good news — there’s never been a better time to take care of your H2S certification training in a way that’s convenient, interesting, and gets you ready and I-CAB compliant for your next job! At the end of our approximately 120 minute course, you’ll simply print out your certificate as proof of full completion of your H2S training requirement.

H2S Course Topics

  • H2S properties and formation
  • Types of respiratory equipment
  • Where H2S is found
  • Selecting the correct respiratory PPE
  • H2S statistics
  • H2S measurements
  • Atmospheric hazards
  • Safe working limits
  • Hazard assessment
  • Detection devices
  • The hazard control hierarchy
  • Sampling
  • Legislated responsibilities
  • Emergency scene management
  • Personal protective equipment
  • First aid for H2S exposure

Online H2S Training Course Preview

What are you waiting for? Take care of your H2S certification quickly and easily with a fun, engaging online course from Velocity Training!

Complete the Course on Any Device

Complete the Course on Any Device

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