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is your all-in- one solution for course curriculum licensing and implementation.

When it’s time to train your team, you don’t want to go in without a game plan. Trying to “wing it” or educate your team without a solid curriculum is a recipe for disaster. Enter Velocity Training, your one-stop solution for training course curriculum and implementation. Just need industry-recognized, top-quality curriculum? No problem. Do you also need us to train your trainers in the art of teaching your curriculum in an engaging and lasting way? Our FAST program is right up your alley. No matter what your curriculum needs are, Velocity Training is your turnkey solution.

Looking to “train your trainers” to be more effective instructors and facilitators? Our groundbreaking FAST program will revolutionize the way you teach your team.


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We offer industry-recognized, safety-focused curriculum for…

HEO Curriculum &
Systems Licensing

Why would you build curriculum from scratch, essentially reinventing the wheel… when you can licence the leading industry-driven HEO safety training programs as a turnkey training solution? Velocity Training has the content and training systems which have resulted in
audited employment statistics verifying that 70% of project-based graduates are working in the oil, gas, mining and road construction industries at $70K per year — and you can bring this industry recognized, proven curriculum into your training departments today! Through Velocity Training, you can license curriculum that Canada’s most advanced Heavy Equipment Operator training College has developed and delivered at their campus and onsite in communities — and you can deliver that very same industry recognized, safety focused, dedicated training at your site.

Velocity Training is always looking to add more curriculum licensing opportunities in
new, exciting industries. Don’t see the curriculum you’re looking for? Contact us!

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