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License our industry leading curriculum
which is currently being used in industry training
so your company saves time and money in research and development.

Facilitators Advanced Skills Training
for Industry Leaders

The FAST program has new, intense hard and soft skill techniques
which trains your experienced and knowledgeable operators,
so they can be fantastic facilitators and world class trainers.

Heavy Equipment Operator Training

Leading heavy equipment training programs have industry
specific job tasks which create safe and efficient operators
so graduates can be hired in great careers!

Certification for Experienced Operators

Testing for experienced operators is a unique one day
system which is certified by a leading Ministry recognized college
so operators can prove their experience, saving company time and money.


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Our proven systems can work for you, let us show you how. Build your own internal training and make your business more profitable.


Facilitators Advanced Skills Training

Also known as FAST, trains those that know into those that can teach in as little as one week.


Heavy Equipment Operator Programs

Our industry recognized training, which sees 94.8% of graduates through to employment at 70K/per year, is second to none.


Certification of Experienced Operators

Receive government licenced college certification for experienced operators in less than 4 hours.

Look For Employment Opportunities

Our industry contacts reach far and wide and we are committed to our students. The following resources include general job search links plus some industry websites.

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"I was incredibly impressed by Velocity’s approach to training. They deployed strategies that enhanced relationships among the group, clearly recognizing the value of building support between entrepreneurs. The Velocity team displayed genuine interest in helping us accomplish our individual goals. Overall the experience was edifying as well as a lot of fun."

− Ursula Wick, EIC Program Graduate

"This is the first time in history that our native people will train their own people in their own language. It will be awesome."

− Robert (Bobby) Simpson, FAST Program Graduate

"I really had no idea what to expect but was amazed after the first hour to see how I can apply these techniques. I would recommend to anyone looking to train others... to take the Train The Trainer, you will never look back. It’s a whole new beginning."

− Alvin Turcotte, FAST Program Graduate

"There was way more class involvement. The instructor was more engaging with us. The material was easy to follow. There were more practice sessions during the lessons than I expected and a much friendlier atmosphere as well as respectful."

− Len Panas, FAST Program Graduate

"This is my first train the trainer program that I have attended and I participated in this program to better my instructing presence and make me feel more comfortable and confident being the centre of attention. I didn’t think I would feel so confident so fast. This program covered everything and helped me out tremendously."

− Justin Colp, FAST Program Graduate

"The team building and group dynamics- I’ve heard lots about it, and taken some courses that just touched on it, but this delved into it to a point that I understand it…I have never had it laid out in a format that just clicked for me, like it did here."

− Tim Dolan, FAST Program Graduate

"I would highly recommend this program to anybody and to all people. It doesn’t matter what industry you work in…if you want to succeed as a company, an organization, a collective body, absolutely I would recommend the course."

− Glen Coady, FAST Program Graduate